• O'Douds Bay Rum Soap


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    The most exfoliating soap in our new lineup, the Bay Rum Soap will leave your skin clean, moisturized and refreshed. This large 7.5 ounce bar lasts well over a month when stored on a ventilated surface and leaves your skin soft and healthy, instead of rubbery like store-bought bar soap. 

    Size: 7.5 oz
    Contains: Oatmeal
    Scent: Bay Rum

    Our take on an American classic. Bay rum centers around the West Indian bay tree. It has a depth and warmth that can only be experienced and is balanced with fresh, inviting, and invigorating notes of eucalyptus and citrus.

    Top: Lime, Eucalyptus
    Middle: Bay, Coriander
    Bottom: Clove

  • O'Douds Bay Rum Soap
  • O'Douds Bay Rum Soap

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