• êShave Pre-Shave Oil White Tea - 2oz


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  • Description

    For all skin types

    eShave Pre Shave Oil is re-known around the world as an effective light weight oil and is the first step to efficiently prepare your skin for shaving.


    eShave Pre Shave Oil Benefits:

    • Protect your skin by creating a layer of oil over the skin
    • Coat and soften your hair to allow the razor to glide easily
    • Relieve shaving irritation by avoiding the direct contact between the skin and the blade
    • Eliminate dryness by moisturizing while preparing skin for shaving

    Unique Properties:  

    • A light weight shaving oil that won't clog your razor
    • A calming scent
    • A highly effective shaving preparation
    • White Tea is among the most potent antioxidants

    Secret uses:  For Bump Relief, eShave Pre Shave Oil can also be used after shaving to help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, just rub to affected areas when done shaving.

    It is also a great beard and skin moisturizer to use daily to hydrate the skin and relieve dryness and irritation as well as soften the hair for a more polished look.

    White tea is a specific form of tea in which the leaves and buds are simply steamed and dried.  In this sense, white tea represents the least processed form of tea.  Seeking only natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients, the formulation of eShave's White Tea Pre-Shave Oil is an example of that commitment.

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